Benefits of Hiring A Nanny

Finding a nanny that’s the right fit for your family is a journey. We Need A Nanny has supported thousands of parents on their journey, and it’s amazing to see the impact on their lives when they find the perfect nanny. We have surveyed over 100 parents who have used We Need A Nanny so you can understand how much their lives were changed.

Peace of mind #

This was by the largest positive response from our parents. 

Many parents said that traditional child care facilities were difficult to deal with and too expensive for their family. 

Parents felt that nannies provided more personal care for their children, and could adapt more easily between learning and play. The relationship took place in the comfort of their own home and worked within their schedules, rather than the other way around.

On the whole, those surveyed felt confident that their nanny embodied their values and lifestyle, which was really important. Many said they loved that their children were safe at home with someone that cared as much as they did. Working parents also loved coming home to their children and engaging with them fully, rather than needing to do chores if the nanny wasn’t there. 

Many parents said it alleviated the guilt knowing that their child had a dedicated carer. A nanny became a stable part of their family, which resulted in stronger and more loving relationships. 

Less stress #

Parents said that everything ran more smoothly with the perfect nanny around to help. Parents were less stressed at work and could concentrate more. The confidence they had in their nanny meant no more stressing about getting out of that meeting to pick the child up by closing time at kindy.  They could go about their day with confidence and apply themselves fully to their jobs. 

Having space to have ‘adult time’ was also a big plus. Having a nanny made them happier parents, with many saying they were more relaxed when dealing with the usual challenges of raising kids. 

Happy kids, happy family #

The children were also less stressed. The more they got to know the nanny, the happier the child became. They didn’t scream and cry when they were dropped off at a childcare and it was time for the parents to leave. The child was happier at home surrounded by their own things. 

Parents also loved the flexibility of being able to adjust timelines and activities according to what worked for their children, which was a huge bonus.

Some parents also said that their children developed better emotionally when dealing with a dedicated caregiver. They weren’t influenced by potentially bad habits of others, and developed trust and respect for their nanny quickly. The children were happier as they developed bonds with their nanny, and the nanny in turn became a part of the family. 

Flexibility #

This was a major win for those who found the perfect nanny. Life suddenly became flexible – parents didn’t need to stress about racing the kids to school, or worry about how the kids will get home when something unexpected occurs. Many parents described having a reliable nanny as invaluable. 

A few said they could come home and cope with the housework, or cook a beautiful dinner whilst the nanny was engaging their child. Or vice versa. Some mentioned that having someone to help prepare dinner as part of their role was great. It gave the parents time to engage with their children, take them to the park, help with homework, drive to swimming practice or other things they might not normally have time to do. 

Overall, time management became easier with a nanny. Many said they trust their nanny implicitly, which increases the focus on the child, who in turn benefits from more quality time. 

Professionalism  #

Parents also gave positive feedback about each nanny’s individual skills and professional traits. Some had a background in childhood education, so could foster the child’s learning with spelling, maths, phonetics and other subjects. Others had nannies who sparked their children’s interests in arts and crafts, languages, and sports. 

Importantly, many parents said that their nanny respects their family’s values, and instils these values in their children. 

Other Benefits #

Some other benefits that came from engaging a nanny were: 

  • Ongoing communication is easier 
  • Additional help on the holidays
  • Easier pick-ups and drop-offs at schools or activities
  • Adaptable roles as circumstances changed
  • Security and safety for their child
  • Easier morning and evening routines 

While we can’t help you determine what your perfect fit is for a nanny, we can definitely tell you that the journey and experience can be a positive one with the right guidance. We Need a Nanny can be the beginning of your journey to happiness and peace of mind.

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