How to Write Effective Nanny Job Ads

Writing a great job ad is the key to finding a nanny who is best suited to your family’s needs. Parents that receive a lot of applications typically post ads that balance the technical requirements of the role with a genuine description of their family. Follow these simple steps to create an effective post that will attract the best candidates!

STEP 1: Write an Appealing Headline #

The title of your job ad is the first thing nannies will notice, and it has to grab the attention of the right candidates. The crucial piece of information you need to provide is the type of service you are looking for. Specify whether you are looking for a babysitter, full-time or part-time nanny. You can then add a word or two about your family and say for example: “Fun family of four in Bondi looking for a nanny with 4+ years of experience”.  The clearer the headline, the more targeted the ad is going to be. 

STEP 2: Introduce Your Family #

One of the best ways to begin your job ad is a brief description of your family. To attract the best caregivers, you want to convey the rewarding aspects of the job and describe what would make your family a joy to be a part of. As a precaution, do not list privately identifiable information in the ad. You can choose what more you would like to share in the interviews once you’ve screened the applicants. 

STEP 3: Say What You Are Offering #

After the introduction, it is time to spark interest by listing what you offer to a suitable candidate. Here is where you should mention the salary and list other benefits that come with the job. If you are offering a position for a live-in nanny, mention what is included in the arrangement such as a comfy bedroom, leave entitlements and the possibility to use a family car. 

STEP 4: Specify Your Requirements #

The next step is to describe your ideal nanny. You can simply say that you are looking for a trustworthy, reliable and caring nanny. This is a generic description which will attract many caregivers. However, you can be a little more specific and mention the level of experience you expect a suitable candidate to have. You can also mention qualifications, personal traits or a special type of experience you are looking for. It is also very useful to mention hours you need your nanny to cover because potential candidates will be able to assess whether they can fit into your schedule. 

STEP 5: Outline the Main Duties #

It’s important to list the main duties of the nanny in the job ad. Nannies interested in the position can decide whether the job description suits them or not. This will help you target suitable candidates who can perform all the key tasks. 

(And one more important tip – when you decide on a nanny, be sure to include all their duties in their contract and ensure both parties agree to the arrangement.)

STEP 6: Provide a List of Required Documents #

Don’t assume that potential candidates will send any files to support their application. It is important to make a comprehensive list of all the required documents, including CV, cover letter and reference letters. Additionally, you must ask the candidates to provide copies of all qualifications and certifications, including their Working With Children’s Check (or Blue Card), Police Check, First Aid Certifications and Driver’s Licence. 

Remember, it is your responsibility as the employer to verify all documents, especially the Working With Children’s Check which is a legal requirement to care for children. 

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