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Do you need a nanny with a driver’s license? Many families need a nanny to help take children to school, the park or other activities with their own car or a family-owned vehicle. Before you engage a nanny to drive your children, here are some things you need to consider, from safety to practicalities such as fuel reimbursement.

Driver’s License & Checks #

You can ask your nanny to present a record of their driving history, which they can request from the relevant State department. It’s also a good idea to ask their references about their driving. Be sure to ask a range of questions at the job interview about their driving, especially if it’s a major part of the role. It’s good practice to ask a few hypothetical questions to find out how they would act in different events, like if the children are misbehaving in the car.

It’s also a great idea to do a test drive in the car with the nanny. If you are providing your car for the nanny to use, this is a good opportunity to help the nanny become comfortable with the car, while also providing you with an idea of how comfortable they are behind the wheel.

You should also enforce the strict requirement of no mobiles while behind the wheel – not only is it illegal to use a mobile in the car, but the lives and wellbeing of your children will be put at risk.

Safety on the Road #

Many parents find it hard to decide whether they prefer a nanny driving their own car or a family-owned vehicle. Both options have advantages. While a nanny probably feels more confident driving their own car, you might feel more secure if they are using yours. Whether you choose the first or the second solution, make sure to double-check whether the car is safe. If your nanny is using their own vehicle, you may want to ask them to have a mechanic inspect the car to make sure everything is in order. It is essential that you have restraints for children under the age of seven that comply with Australian standards (AS/NZS 1754).

Additionally, you can talk to your nanny about how they handle children misbehaving in the car. Ask about their methods of engaging the children while they are in the vehicle and share your tips and tricks. It is essential to keep the little ones occupied while they are on the road. It is a good idea to think of safe activities such as listening to music they love, sharing healthy snacks or playing with soft toys.

Insurance #

If you want a nanny to use your car, make sure that they are properly insured. Check with your insurance company which arrangements are available to include them in your policy. If your nanny is younger than 25 years of age, you might also need to make additional provisions. If they are using their own vehicle, ensure they have a comprehensive insurance policy.

Reimbursements #

You should also discuss reimbursements for fuel, parking, and tolls with your nanny. If the nanny is going to be using your family car, they still might need to buy fuel. To avoid any potential issues, ask your nanny to keep track of mileage and fuel they are using. You should also agree on a method of covering your nanny’s weekly expenses. 

We recommend using a domestic payroll provider to assist with all your record keeping, payments and reimbursements. The team at NannyPay are amazing and will ensure you are compliant with all relevant legislation and regulations.

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