Tips for Shortlisting Applicants

A great job ad will help you attract the best caregivers, but when the applications start coming through, you need to start shortlisting the candidates. Here are some tips to decide which applications you should invite to an interview. 

Availability #

It is important to find a nanny who will be able to fit into your schedule. If you need someone to work full-time, you can eliminate candidates who are only available for part-time jobs. If you need someone who will be available to work in the evenings and you can’t find anyone available, perhaps you can hire a daytime nanny and then look for a babysitter to cover the night shift. Most importantly, if you need a new nanny urgently, shortlist only candidates who are available to start working as soon as you need them to. 

Location #

Unless you are open to a live-in option, it is important to look for nannies who are located in your area. Check whether they live in the same region or suburb. If they are not nearby, find out how long it would take them to drive to your home.    

Level and Type of Experience #

The next thing you need to check is the number of years of experience. Typically, the more experience a nanny has, the higher the hourly rates are. While some parents are looking for the most affordable options, others value the quality of caregiving that comes with years of experience. If your child requires special care, you may be looking for a specific type of experience or search nannies with particular qualifications.

Reviewing Applications #

When reviewing the applications, single out candidates who have supplied all the required documents and fully satisfy the most important criteria listed above. You can then go through their CVs and check whether they have the relevant experience you are looking for. For example, if you need someone to look after your newborn, check if a nanny has already had the experience of caring for babies. 

After going through the documents, you may be unsure about one or two things. Before eliminating any candidates, it is better to schedule interviews because the one-on-one conversation will reveal more about their personalities and previous work assignments. 

Keep a List of Potential Caregivers #

When you are looking for someone to support your family, you should keep a list of potential caregivers that are right for the role, rather than find the one perfect candidate. 

This is because it can be hard to find the one perfect candidate who satisfies your unique schedule and criteria, so engaging a couple of caregivers will give you more flexibility. It can also be disruptive if your family engages one candidate and their circumstances suddenly change. 

So during the screening process, it’s always a good idea to connect with a number of quality caregivers that will be great for your family.

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