How To Write A Great Nanny Job Application

There’s a lot of demand for the best nanny jobs these days so here are some tips on how to write a great nanny job application.

When you are writing any job application, it pays to be succinct, informative and always professional. These are traits every nanny should remember when applying for a job.

Writing a great nanny job application will help you get to the interview stage, and ensure you’re seen in the best light when applying for your ideal position.


Reference the advertised position

When applying for a job, reference the job ad in your application. Start any application letter by introducing yourself and stating that you are applying for the advertised role. The rest of the letter will essentially be about your experience and suitability for the particular position, which is why each application needs to be tailored.


Whatever you do, don’t use the same application letter each time. A tailored application shows you have a strong interest not just in nannying, but in working for this particular family. It needs to be personalised i.e. if parents mention the name(s) of their children then you should also mention them in your application. It shows you have read the job ad thoroughly and will give you a huge advantage over other nannies who are also applying.

Also make sure you apply for quite a few jobs as well to improve your chances. A lot of the best nanny jobs ads are receiving over 20 applicants at the moment so competition is high.

Application Letter

An application should always lists your qualifications and relevant experience. The letter is where you include other details such as why you are interested in this position, and why you believe you are suitable.


Do be professional in what you write, keep to the point, and whatever you do, don’t waffle, use jargon, or be too casual.


Show examples

Rather than just listing experience, enhance your application by including a description of what previous roles entailed. Instead of just saying childcare for two boys for instance, be specific. Include the ages of the children and duties such as picking them up from school, park excursions and meal preparation.


If you have a knack for creative arts, don’t be shy in mentioning it. Anything that’s varied and positive can help demonstrate your skills and experience.


Be positive about your assets

While you don’t want to appear conceited or arrogant, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with highlighting your strengths. If you have been told many times that you are organised and efficient, say so. If you are passionate about always being on time, you might mention that too.


A final word

To summarise, the letter is the place to succinctly say why you are applying for this role, what you’ve done previously that makes you suitable, and to clarify your available hours and other relevant details.


Above all, you need to be enthusiastic, positive and polite, and you do need to be genuine. Any prospective family is going to want to hear in your nanny application just what you love about being a nanny, and why you want to work for them!

2 thoughts on “How To Write A Great Nanny Job Application

  1. Kirsteen

    These tips sound great I am hopefully going to be completing my certificate 3 in child care services early next year I believe this would give me a foot in the door as the placement is the only thing I have to do and been a nanny would be great and I look forward to changing my life which is way overdue I have always enjoyed children’s company and I have a cracked personality so I fit right in

  2. Claudia

    I love being a nanny/babysitter because children make me feel complete. I enjoy everything about them. Especially taking them on outings, and doing things with them. such as going to the park, baking cookies, reading.

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