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Interviewing a potential nanny


No matter how you find your nanny, you値l have to interview them. Interviewing a nanny is one of the most important jobs that you have. Simply, this is the best way to get your first opinion of the person in front of you.


At this point you should have already done the hard work of finding people that fit your needs and qualifications. You should have been able to establish the needs that you have and the qualifications of the person that you are looking for.


Before you get started interviewing though, you値l want to take in yet another consideration. The personality of the nanny that you plan to hire is one of the most essential things that you値l need to consider and one of the hardest to gauge.


During the interview process, you値l be able to talk to the potential nanny and ask them questions. Remember, they are applying for a job and therefore are very interested in pleasing you at this point. Unfortunately, you値l find a few bad seeds out there but more often this is rare.


What is the personality of the individual you are looking for? This is probably pretty hard to tell, until the interview.


You値l answer that question with things like someone that is honest, reliable and responsible. Yet, these things are near impossible to tell just from talking with someone. Instead, you値l need to do your homework on that person.

Interviewing: How to Learn More


Remember that the relationship that you will eventually establish with the nanny that you hire is started during the interview process. Not only are you learning about them, but they are learning about you, too. Treat them as you would if they were already working for you. And, remember to keep the conversation positive and upbeat.


What to ask is really dependant on what qualifications you are looking for the nanny to possess. If you want them to have specific skills, they should have demonstrated that on paper already. In other words, at this point you should have a few nannies to consider that meet your current stipulations for such things as education and experience.


Here are some questions to ask a nanny during the interview



1. Verify any and all information provided on an application or in their resume. 的 see here that you worked for the Nelson痴 for the last five years. How did that go?


2. Ask them about past situations.

展hen you were working for the Nelson痴, what was the worst situation that happened to you while watching their children? 展hy are you leaving the Nelsons?

3. Ask them questions in the 努hat if format.

展hat would you do if our son called you a name? 展hat would you do if there was a fire in the home? 滴ow do you handle injuries?

4. Ask them questions about what you are potentially offering.

展e are looking for someone that can provide extra reading help to our son. How can you help us with that? 展e are looking for someone to work part time during the evenings after our son is home from school. Are you flexible during those hours?

As you can see from these questions, they are open ended
questions. Asking yes or no questions is not going to give you the end result you need. Remember, you aren稚 just looking at what they are saying, but how they are saying it.


Do you like the tone of voice that they are using?

Are they too loud or forceful?

Are they too quiet and laid back?

Do they have energy?

Are they smiling and seem happy?

Are they answering questions honestly and fully?

Do they seem genuinely interested in your questions?


During your interview, you値l need to mention virtually every aspect of the job you are offering. You値l need to talk about salary, hours, benefits, responsibilities, duties, time off, and much more. You値l want to talk about any issues or concerns they have in this regard.


Now, you致e gotten it all out of the way, right? Not yet! You still need to talk to them about the finer points of being a nanny in your home. They need to learn about your personality, your child痴 personality as well as the rules of the house. Don稚 have rules? Yes, you do.


How do you want your child handled during discipline?

What do you want the nanny to do as far as handling day to

day tasks?

Do you want the nanny to contact you in any situation or make decisions for themselves?

Will you allow them to provide education to your child or just monitor their behavior?

How will you both resolve conflicts?

All of these things are essential to talk about. You want to get thing started on the same page, without having any surprises down the road.


Child Interaction


One of the most important things for you to monitor while doing the interviewing process is the nanny痴 interaction to your child. If you don稚 want to do this in a first interview, it makes sense to do it in a second interview.


No matter when you do it, you値l want to notice certain things. How does the nanny react when the child says, 渡o to them? How does the nanny react when the child has a question? Does the nanny talk authoritatively or are they soft spoken letting the child tell them what to do?


Take specific time to watch the nanny interact with kids. Try to give them the opportunity alone while you observe from another room, if possible. Let the child show the nanny his or her room. Since the foundation of the employee痴 job is to care for this child, it is imperative that the two of them get to meet and interact before you sign anyone on for the job.


The Second Interview


Why do you need a second interview? You致e found someone that seems to be pretty good on paper and in person. Why bother doing this?


The second interview is yet another opportunity for you to observe the nanny working with your child. This is the perfect way for you to determine if they are getting alone well as well as how well the nanny fits within your family痴 personality. Do they mesh with your family?


A great thing to do for a nanny痴 second interview is to go on an outing. Remember, though, that they aren稚 working for you just yet so allow them only to interact with the child when they initiate it. Don稚 pressure your child into their arms, either. The nanny should be able to interact with the child enough to convince them that she痴 not a bad guy at all.


During this trip, notice how well the nanny pays attention to your child. Are they more concerned about impressing you rather than hanging out with your child? Are they listening to the child and encouraging good behavior or are they more interested in what痴 happening with their makeup and hair?


Taking notice of all of these things will help you to make the final decision about who the right nanny really is.


Make the Decision


Now it痴 time to really come to a conclusion on who is the right nanny for the job.


Did you double check all personal and employment references?


Did you have a background check run and a driver痴 record

check run?


Did you take the time to talk about and work through any

problems with salary, hours, duties and such?

Did you come to an agreement on how discipline will be


Have you not agreed on anything that you haven稚 taken care

of at this point?

Have you done that second interview?

Once you致e done this and you know who the best nanny is, trust
your intuition and hire the person that you feel fits best for your child and for your family. Personality, education, and experience all mesh to the right person, then.


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