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Nanny Training


What difference does it make to you what type of training your nanny has?


Why do you care if your nanny has been educated or if they have any experience dealing with children?


Although you are a good parent, your parenting skills are partially due to your love for the child you are raising. Your intuition really does kick in to tell you what is right or wrong or how to deal with situations as they arise that effect your child.


From a nanny’s standpoint, this is not always there. They need education to provide them with the necessary skills to react the right way.


In addition to this, if you are paying someone to come into your home and to care for the most important possession you have, your child, you want someone that is going to offer them the right type of rearing and give them the best possible head start on life, right? That’s why we need education.



Are Nannies Trained, Specifically?


As discussed early, nannies all come from a wide range of



You are sure to find those that are fresh out of college or university with a degree in early childhood education.

You’ll also find those that have already raised their own child and now are doing that for you.

Or, you’ll find others that just love children and want to make this work for both of you.

In any case, a nanny is someone that you can consider at different
levels. Most non profit organizations that provide information about nannies, including those that help nannies and families to come together, will provide you with the fundamental understanding that education and experience are the right mix.


You will find, though, that there is a real demand for qualified and trained nannies. More and more families are looking towards this solution instead of overcrowded and understaffed day cares. With that comes the fact that there are likely to be fewer nannies to fill in those qualified gaps.


Therefore, today, there are more and more nannies being hired without any formal nanny training at all. Of course, the more knowledgeable the nanny is, the more you can expect for them to provide in ways of educations and rearing the child. You also will pay more for those that provide this service as well.


Nanny training comes in all forms. Some nannies will have no training at all. If you hire those that don’t have any training, suggest paying for a few courses at the local community college for them. All it will do is improve the care and skills that they can provide to your child.


What Training Is Provided?


Training that is available for nannies is very varied. In the United States as well as in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, specific nanny training courses are available to be taken.


The student that enrolls and completes these programs, often

offered by accredited colleges and universities, will have education in:


Child development


Safety (of all types)

Some educational courses

First aid courses that should include becoming certified in CPR.

Family dynamics

Effective and beneficial play activities


The student is also likely to learn a wide range of other courses as
they have chosen. In addition to this, find out if the school has provided them with the ability to interact with young children prior to issuing a degree or certificate to them. That is, they should have spent several hours working with children under the supervision of their instructor, to insure that they can handle real life situations that can’t be fabricated otherwise.


The United Kingdom has a very unique approach to educating nannies. There, a nanny student is required to take a total of 2200 classroom hours and practical hours worth of training over the course of two years.


During this time, they will prepare for the national exam that allows them to become certified as a nursery nurse and therefore a nanny. For this reason, many people seek out specifically trained British nannies.


On the flip side, in most other countries mentioned that recognize and provide nanny training, the types of training available are quite different. In most cases, the nanny can take a six week course of study. Also, one year certification degree programs are also available.


Some college and universities are now providing more complex and thorough training through the use of associate and bachelor degree programs.


When considering the qualifications for a nanny, take into consideration these fundamentals and their importance to you. You will find that there are many times when finding a nanny with the right skills and education will require a bit more searching, interviewing and often more pay when you do hire one. There are many benefits to doing just that, though.


To learn more about the courses of study that are offered to nannies, visit a non profit organizations website where you can learn the different levels of training that a nanny may have. A good place to visit is the International Nanny Association ( ), a non profit organization that specializes in educating nannies and families.


There is little doubt that hiring a skilled nanny, one that has the proper training is a must for anyone considering this. But, if you can’t provide this for your child due to the cost, find out if an inexperienced nanny would like to take some courses as part of the payment arrangements of working with you.

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