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Below you will find a number of Articles created specifically for our Parent members covering a variety of topics.  If there is something that you would like to contribute or feel there is something we are missing, please feel free to contact us via email at

  • Interview tips for parents

    Use this checklist to help you interview prospective nannies and babysitters
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  • First Aid Courses

    First Aid courses and Child Safety Courses
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  • Nanny Checklist

    Checklist to be left with the nanny when you go out
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  • Babysitter Guide

    Tips on how to make everything run smoothly
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  • Nanny Screening

    One of the most important parts of employing a nanny is the screening process. The following article should help you .....
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  • Parent's Responsibilities

    When employing a nanny, there are certain legal obligations that may affect you.
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  • Who is a nanny ?

    Just who is a nanny ? Many people don't realise what a nanny can provide or what their true job is.
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  • Who makes a great nanny ?

    What type of person makes a good nanny ? Not everyone that can be a nanny should be one
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  • What help do you need ?

    What type of help do you need ? This is essential to consider when hiring a nanny
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  • How Much Does a Nanny Cost ?

    How much should you pay your nanny ?
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  • Nanny Training

    What different types of training can a nanny have ?
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  • Interviewing a potential nanny

    No matter how you find your nanny, you'll have to interview them
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  • Bringing a Nanny Home

    Now that you've selected the best nanny for you, it's time to bring him or her home
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  • Contracts and the legal stuff

    Since you are officially going to be an employer, youíll need to get a contract together to work with your nanny
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  • Suggested websites

    The following is a list of helpful websites for parents
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  • Childcare courses and skills

    Great information to help you learn about children's physical and emotional needs
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  • Easier Parenting

    Take the frustration out of parenting, visit
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  • Employer Funded Childcare

    Smart companies are realising that providing childcare can be good business. It makes sense to provide childcare, or at least support it in some way. The benefits arenít just for parents either. Organisations are finding that childcare can become muc
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