Benefits Of Being A Nanny

It is incredibly rewarding to care for children, and being a nanny is very special. You get to create long-term relationships with wonderful families and watch the children grow while helping them develop.
Here are some of the key advantages of being a nanny, au pair or babysitter:

Make A Significant Contribution to Others

Nannies have an incredibly positive impact on families and the future of children under their care. It is so rewarding to develop close bonds over time. As a nanny, you really do become part of the family.

Your Days Are Filled with Interesting Tasks

A nanny’s duties revolve around children, which means there’s a lot of different and engaging tasks. A nanny caters to the needs of children, keeps them safe and happy, and contributes to their development. Every family is different, but being a nanny usually involves:

  • Planning and preparing meals
  • Bathing and dressing children
  • Assisting with homework
  • Managing routines like nap time
  • Engaging in play and active learning
  • Taking children to school and activities
  • Assisting in educational and creative activities
  • Contributing to the wellbeing of children

Nannies are also expected to perform light housework associated with caring for children. However, they should not be expected to perform the same services as a cleaner. Before you enter into an engagement with a family, be sure to have a conversation with the parents about the services you are comfortable providing.

Work with Wonderful Families

Nannies and au pairs can find stable jobs with families that truly appreciate their immense contribution. You may find a position with one family that will last for years, or you may be working for multiple families at a time.

There are lots of opportunities

Every day there are hundreds of parents using We Need A Nanny to find a caregiver that suits their family needs. The wide range of active families on our site increases the likelihood that you will find a great family to join.

Be your own boss

As a professional caregiver, you decide which families to support. While being a nanny requires being adaptable with the families you work with, you are able to pursue opportunities and set conditions that work best for you.

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